Coronavirus won’t get us down!

If you haven’t seen our previous post, about how to get through this, then check it out first.

We know that right now things might seem tough and troublesome and a little uncertain. If you are deciding on downsizing your wedding, or postponing it, here’s a few helpful tips on how to make the best of it!


Love isn’t canceled. Neither is romance, connection, kindness, and community.¬†

1. Live-stream it.

Weddings are intimate and joyful celebrations and while you would love to include everyone, grandparents and immuno-compromised guests have decided to stay home and be safe. A great way to have everyone involved is to live-stream it. This way they can feel they are still somewhat a part of your big day. Talk to us and the venue about ways we can do that!

2. Still want your wedding to happen? Consider downsizing it.

Even with 50 guests you can have a beautiful wedding day. Be sure to let your vendors know ASAP as some have already planned for a big event and would need to adjust orders.

3. Two is better then one!

It’s always been our motto. It’s why Martine and I joined forces to better take care of our brides. And why we think having a small ceremony now on the date you chose, and a big party later when things pick back up could be the best of both worlds. The one we live in now is forcing us to be careful and think small and have intimate gatherings. The new world in a few months would be all about celebrating with our loved ones way into the night!

4. Haven’t even started planning but really want to get married on the date you chose? Consider elopement.

Not the kind of days past where you run to the courthouse and get married and jet off somewhere without anyone knowing. Today elopements are small intimate weddings where either you just have a ceremony with your closest friends and family or you can do a small reception as well. We are happy to photograph your whole day and tell your love story even if it’s small and intimate. We can still provide beautiful photos you’ll cherish for ever.

5. Feeling a little down? Consider booking or scheduling your engagement session.

Or a boudoir session or a session with your pet or family to get you excited for your wedding day no matter when it is going to end up being. We can have it in your home like a sweet lifestyle session, a studio for some modern fun, or outdoors in a location of your choice.

And as always, we are always here to chat. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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