Black Lives Matter



We posted this on instagram last week, so in case you missed it.

We know things are tough right now and we know some of you might look and say “oh but you’re just photographers and weddings are happy and so shut up and post pretty pictures.”.  But both Martine and Vania feel this too deeply to not speak out and support the black community and other minority communities.

Vania is an immigrant that has seen racism for her own family and for others of color from relatives and it’s a painful thing to talk about but she is privileged. Martine’s family too is a blended family, who has to live with fear for those of color and from different countries is a constant. But she is privileged.You look at us and we are white. We will never know the pain of having been discriminated or dehumanized solely because of our skin color.

You should be angry. We’re angry. We’re sad. We cried today for all the black kids who can’t just live. The black men and women who can’t just drive a car or going to a store or to a dog park or even be at home and feel safe. That warm feeling you have right now, being cozy in your home reading a book is not something many many many BIPOC feel and you have a way to change that. But what we can do is be an ally. Speak up. Educate yourself and your kids. Help them grow up in a world where that kind of hate and violence doesn’t exist. Don’t stay silent. Donate money. Tell your friends. And when you do see an injustice don’t ignore it.

Just in case you might be interested, here are some resources. There are a lot of places you can find information, but the Black Lives Matter website has a lot all in one place. Educate yourself, listen, and be an ally.

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