We get asked a lot when a bride emails us if we’ve had previous experience at the venue of their choice. Sometimes the answer is ‘yes,’ but sometimes it’s a ‘no.’

But we’re here to tell you, at least for us, why that’s totally not something you should worry about. 

Here in Atlanta there’s so many different wedding venues and while we would love to shoot at all of them, we simply cannot. There’s always a new venue being unveiled it seems and we love ALL the options our brides have. Whether you’re into a rustic barn wedding or a luxury hotel ballroom, or a charming old house, we love them all! We try to visit many when they launch to get a good feel for the possibilities we can create within the space.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But ladies, how do we know you’ll know where to shoot and where the best light is?”

Let me tell you the truth. We are such perfectionists. We might tour a place beforehand, we maybe have done a styled shoot, we most likely have seen photos and have thoroughly stalked the venues from all angles before your big day. We can even do your engagement photos at your venue for maximum exposure.  But MOST IMPORTANTLY, we get there early before your big day and scope it out to see what it looks like in that moment. Because light in winter is not the same as light in summer. We know your schedule and can determine where the sun will hit by the time we do portraits. We know the light inside in case it rains and we set up light to make the biggest impact for your images. We can brainstorm ideas for your beautiful night shots. 

We don’t need to have shot at your wedding in order to show up and make magic. Trust us to know that we come so overly prepared for your big day you would think we’ve only shot at that venue! 

Check out the images below of some our favorite venues and the various lighting we’ve encoutered. 

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