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Planning your wedding might be the most overwhelming thing you take on this year and trust us, we know how much work you put in to it. There’s so much to think about and so much to consider from the colors, to the bridesmaids dresses, to what kind of flowers you want, to the music playlist. Which is why we’re here to help make your decision easier when choosing a photographer.

What to look for in a photographer, you ask? How do I know it’s the right fit?

1. Their Photography is Awesome!

Wedding photography might be your biggest investment so make sure you like their work. Ask to see a full gallery or a few of recent weddings. See how they handle everything from getting ready to reception. How they handle lighting at night and indoors and outdoors. Do they know how to light things when needed? Don’t hesitate to ask questions like: How do you light your receptions?

But mostly, do you like their style and how they capture moments?

2. You like THEM!

You like their work? Great, now set up a coffee meet up or a skype call. See them face to face. Ask them anything, including what you like to watch on netflix. I’m not kidding. Because, here’s the secret, you spend so much time with your wedding photographers from the time you book to engagement session to wedding day. It’s a lot of hours and hopefully if you like them as a person you’ll feel even more comfortable in front of their camera. You don’t have to like the same stuff to be able to click. But if they are open to chit chat with you with ease and be willing to get to know you is so important.

Which brings me to my next point.

3. They get YOU!

Are they excited about your wedding? Are they asking YOU questions? Are you asking for help in finding that last vendor you desperately still need? We’re a great resource and are happy to help in ANY way we can. A photographer with EXPERIENCE knows people and knows weddings. We can be part wedding planner, part photographer, part friend. We want to give our expert advice on the best time to do first look, and best location for cool ass night photos. Love and Story , for example, has over 20 years of combined photography experience both in weddings and events and everything in between, so we’ve heard it all and seen it all and are happy to share nuggets of information to help make your wedding planning journey easier.

4. They are CREATIVE.

Your wedding is one of a kind. It’s made of everything you value and want. So no two weddings should look alike. Meaning, a great wedding photographer knows how to capture your wedding and venue and details in a special way that is fitting to the look and feel of your big day. While looking at their work do they take advantage of the venue and capture you in it in a way that is special, for example, with night photography, when it really sparkles? Or do they understand that you picked a venue that it edgy and cool and so you want them to lean in that direction, too? Are they expert enough and flexible in their style to accommodate your personality? Do they have fun with photography? Love and Story loves opportunities form their couples to get creative and get some awesome photos that we can’t capture at the next wedding, because the next wedding isn’t YOUR Wedding at this venue with this set up, color and lights.

So in recap: When looking for a photographer know that their value isn’t just in the price tag. Know that the right photographer is someone you can be friends with, they are easy going and helpful when you need them to be. But above all, look for a photographer that approaches your wedding with excitement, curiosity, and creativity to make your day as amazing as you’re planning it to be. That they are capable of capturing YOUR essence, spirit and soul of this beautiful celebration of love.

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